Monday, 19 August 2013

Picture This #213 ~ Views Of My Local Landscape

Most all of my landscapes are seascapes. 
You are probably all bored to death with them by now.
Please accept my apologies :)

 This is where I like to go to photograph the water lilies (and the alligators)

My favorite of the ten beaches near me (my back to the ocean).

The pier behind a screen of sea oats


  1. Three lovely beach shots.

    Love the peaceful feel to them.

  2. Hi Danette!! Three lovely shots for the theme. When they are as good as this, how could we be bored with them? Great shot of the lagoon (?) with the lilies and 'gators. Those houses in the second shot have a great view, but not well protected in big storms, I would think. My fave is the third shot, of the pier and sea-oats.

  3. Hi Danette, love seascapes here. Your first one looks inviting, I would like to get closer to look at the vegetation in the water. The middle shot is so lovely, I envy the people who live there. I also love the pier behind the sea grass and the clouds in the sky.

  4. I wish all mine were seascapes, but riverscapes at lakescapes at the most. Three wonderful photos of your beaches - makes me a little bit jealous.

  5. Why bored? The more I view them, the more I find them fabulous...

  6. Its a beautiful coast, wonderful captures Danette;)

  7. I get to see so little of the ocean that is is thrilling to see your photos, Danette. Never boring. Three wonderful shots. I like that last one the best.