Friday, 9 August 2013

Picture This #212 ~ Wild Things

Hello everyone. This is Danette (your hostess this week). I chose "wild things" for our theme this time. The idea is to post anything you would find in "the wild". (Flowers, bugs, birds and animals that you would find in a forest or on the beach are just a few examples). It's always such a pleasure to see the variety of talent and creativeness in this group and I look forward to seeing what you come up with this week. Thank you and have fun!

 A wildflower I found near my home this past Monday

Taken at the beach a few months ago


  1. Sweet flower, wonderful little bird and love the weeds.

  2. that is a wild flower, I would take a bunch any time in my garden, really beautiful shot. Action photo of a duck eating a worm. great take. Weeds also have their beauty in details. good shot.

  3. Hi Danette!! Many thanks again for hosting the challenge this week. Love your choice of theme........I'm always looking for wild things to photograph!!

    That first shot is beautiful. I have a thing for blue flowers, probably because it's one of the rarer colours in the flower world. Even better that it's a wild flower, rather than a cultivated one. Terrific shot of the wader on the beach. Is it a Sandpiper? Cool fuzzy weed to finish with :-))

    1. I think the bird is a spotted sandpiper or semipalmated sandpiper?

  4. Great theme, Danette! I love your flower; we had them in Indiana and called them dayflowers. Yours is a beautiful shot. The sandpiper is fabulous with the reflection and I like the white and brown colors of the weed.

  5. Congratulations to Belita for her fantastic Banner this week.

    Great theme, Danette, funny enough we are busy with Out in Nature with Mia over at Themes & Visions on Facebook, so my whole folder is full up of Nature stuff and Wild Stuff trying to make up my mind which to use and how.

    I love that little wild blue flower, if I had my way the whole garden would be wild, but the man coming from British stock, is busy transforming my little piece of Africa into an English Country Garden. Fighting him the whole way and winning with trees and bushes. If I could dig out the roses, I would and scatter cosmos . I won my corner of indigenous succulents with some lovely Pelindaba rocks, so yeah to me.

    Your Sandpiper is gorgeous, lovely shot with the reflection and water in the background. Bet it found a nice sand-worm for dinner.

    The last little weed is such a a lovely capture, you could frame it simply in a darker wooden frame with a border within and hang it on my wall. Thank you.


  6. Hi Danette thanks for hosting a wonderful theme and starting us off with three beautiful captures;)

  7. Hi Danette, good choice of theme. Your three shots are really beautiful but the bird on the beach is my favourite...

  8. Hi Danette a wonderful theme thanks
    wonderful captures

  9. Hi Danette! Love the theme. The little blue Dayflower is so pretty! Great shot.

    The shot of the sandpiper is my favorite. Love the reflection on the sand. Beautiful intricate patterned feathers.

    I like the weed shot, too.