Friday, 23 August 2013

Picture This #213 ~ Views Of My Local Landscape

Here is a view around the block. A taste of my hood.


Starting off at sun rise.


Then one of many landscapes to take in and see each day.


It is a growing community. LOL growing is the key word in this view.


I don't think I need to say anymore about that. LOL


Farming trucks from the past.


Even with the bad luck of some of the haulers with the harvest, there are a bunch that will not let the hard times fry them of what is due. Oppps to bad, but Not so sad.


Its all good, life is back to normal. Kids being kids and life going on.


another day in our lives. Nice.

full moon13

Wow! What a landscape we live in. 
Sorry but I did go over the three, but hopefully you feel like you were here. You don't need to add this to the album. I just wanted to get some shots in for this week theme. A great one at that. 


  1. Stunning sunset.

    Majestic mountain vista.

    Cool pattern in the field.

    Wonderful car shots.

    Great shot of the kids.

    Lovely sunset and moon.

  2. lol, Positive Result Overflow...that was an old term on calculators. I've coined it to mean the same thing as "Happy happy joy joy!" Your abundance of photos on our three photo entry makes me happy, Randall. Always a pleasure to see your work. They are all fantastic. I like the one of the kids the best and that one hand stance with the skooter.

  3. That is certainly some landscapes you have - interesting photos

  4. Fabulous set of pictures. I love the hill reflected in the blue lake and I am fascinated by the patterns of the plow in the fields. Great trucks, too. Are those potatoes? A good reminder for me to wash mine well. They could also be sugar beets. At any rate, a wonderful tour of your locale.

  5. Yes they are taters. A truck had a accident and caught fire. The potatoes had to be dumped along side the road, so the truck fire could be put out. Well You can see this man wasn't wasting any of them. Filling his van with them. They were picking out the ones that were not green. He had made sure to tell me which ones they were watching out for.

  6. Hi Randall!! Hmmmm....a little over the top on numbers, but some fabulous shots!! The sunrise is beautiful and love the blues of the second shot. Cool old trucks....they're just crying out for some loving restoration work!! Perhaps they should have left the taters in the burning truck......instant baked-potato stand!!! LOL. Terrific moon-shot.