Saturday, 20 October 2012

Challenge Test Post No.2: MY PICS

Hello and good evening -

We are testing again, Marianne here from a wet cool South Africa

The Rules

The rules are in the right-rail. Read them!!!

Here are my entries:


  1. Not sure what I did wrong with the text ? Jeiks, I know I copied and pasted the rules, from your first post , will fix it now now, just have to get dinner started.

    1. Let me know in PM when you've fixed it :-))

    2. You will not belive this, but do you think I could fix it in blogspot? Noooooo, copy and paste over in good ole Xply, then chose no background colour ! this is bad bad bad !!!

    3. Not going to be able to do that when Multiply is gone. I'm sure there's another way around it. Will have a thunk on it.

    4. okay, so far it looks good !!! Different but we will get used to it, I hope.