Sunday, 21 October 2012

Challenge Test Post No.2: MY PICS

For this test challenge Marianne is our host and this is my entry to her test host-post. Seems it's about birds. 

1) Pair Of Ringed Teal

Ringed Teal Pair

2)Bar-Headed Goose

Bar-Headed Goose

3) Ruddy-Headed Goose

Ruddy-Headed Goose 2


  1. beautiful birdies, Mitch, I just simply pulled out the last 3 pics in my camera, did not even look at them LOL

    Our biggest problem will be navigating between posts for comments! How are we going to solve that one with 15 posts ( I am dreaming, how many of our PT's are going to come with us over here? 6 ?)

    1. The best way would be to go to the PT main page and work your way down the entries there. You'll get notification in your reading list each time someone posts their entry/three pics.

  2. Wow Mitch this is awesome.

    I received an invite from you and when I clicked on accept, the multiply page came up and I couldn't get in.

  3. I have just bookmarked you so I don't lose you. WooHoo!!!