Sunday, 25 November 2012

Challenge 175: Party Time

How about some of my Mom's home made strawberry preserves?


And we need plenty of black coffee to go with all those desserts.


After dessert someone has to wash the dishes (that's my Mom at the sink).


All 3 photos were taken during my trip to see family over the Thanksgiving holiday.


  1. There is no better jams than the home-made ones. Nice coffee jug... oh, yes, the after the party... a kitchen scene that I know well...

  2. I Love Home made Strawberry preserves. There were fields and fields of Strawberries that my Granny and Grand Pa owned . They grew them to sell and of course, My Granny did everything with a Strawberry that you could do. We always had plenty of Strawberries to eat. I Loved 'em and still do.

    I Love the coffee too.

    But, Ohhhhh me , I sure don't like cleaning up the dishes. Giggle,..... Nice Shots Lynda~!!

  3. Home made jams are always the best. Like the steam coming off the coffee and the battle field after the party I know too well. Good shots

  4. Give me a cup of coffee, a little toast with that nice strawberry jam and I'm going to help with the washing up!!

  5. Thank you Lynda for your contributions to the party!! Home-made preserves always taste so much better than shop-bought ones, and Strawberry is my fave flavour. Ahh, yes....a good strong coffee is always welcome!! But , oh dear.....washing the dishes...the least fun part of the party!!! LOL. But, it has to be done!!

  6. Love the steam coming off the coffee and the jam jar sparkling in the light. Your poor mom - hope someone gave her a hand.

    1. There was lots and lots of help. Just happened to catch her at the sink while taking the dessert photos. My Uncle and Aunt (Mom's brother) hosted the event, they are keeping the family Thanksgiving tradition alive and passing that tradition along to the younger generation.

  7. Yam-dessert and coffee. Yummy. The inevitable aftermath shown too.