Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Test Post from Lynda (mrsrh from Multiply)

Test post:

New residents at the Rockin' Heart Ranch

  April will throw you a rope if needed

Or take you for a ride around the ranch

Or maybe you'd like to sit on the porch & sip some hot chocolate and watch the moon rise.

Or sip a cup of coffee as the sun rises.

Or take a walk as the sun sets on the prairie.

Great job with the new site.  Hope you enjoyed my little test post even though I seem to get a bit carried away posting photos.

from Lynda at the Rockin' Heart Ranch in the Texas Panhandle, USA


  1. Lynda, two of those photos are too big, they are overflowing onto the right-rail and starting to stretch the page. Please re-size them down.

    1. The ideal size for the PT page is 640 x 480.

  2. Hi Lynda. I've done a resize of the two large shots. It looks a lot better now.