Saturday, 13 January 2018

Picture This #433 ~ By Water

Hi all, I have not contributed for a long time, but it seems Google have made some improvements to their program, so as I live on the coast near the water I thought I would contribute this week and see if it works for me. Thanks to Benni for a great theme.

All images taken at Boscombe Over Cliffe in Dorset, England at New Year. i hope I have the image size right. LOL.






  1. Hi, Baz. Delighted to see you here. Your pictures are marvelous, showing sky, sea, and land, and a variety of colors from cool blues to rusty oranges. I must say the first is my favorite due to the person looking over the fence into the reflection of the setting sun. Pulls me right into the picture.

    1. Thanks Benni I like that one as well, if you look there is a second person to the right who was also a photographer with a camera on a tripod ;)

  2. Beautiful iridescent saffronhaloed sun in the tangeloorangestained wedgewoodblue sky and the silverglitter in the steelblue sea.

    Utterly lovley shimmering doveblue charcoal/diamondwhiteclouded sky and iridescent platinum sun and gentle combers caressing the darkgrey beach.

    Serene shoreline caressed by the lacefrothed wedgwoodblue sea in the last two.

  3. Hi Baz!! Great to see you taking part again after so long!! Wonderful photos for the theme. Love the first shot with the sun bursting through the clouds and it's golden reflection in the sea. Beautiful twilight pastel shades in the second shot. I really like the line of breakwaters disappearing into the distance in the third shot and the close up of the nearest one in the final shot.

  4. Hi Baz! Beautiful shots for this week's theme. Love the top and the bottom ones. However, the second an the third images convey tranquillity that I really appreciate.

  5. hi baz glad to have you back your shots are all wonderful my fav are the first wonderful color and last very peaceful