Saturday, 20 January 2018

Picture This #434 ~ Faces

Hi everyone, this is Mitch. I'll be your host this week. My theme is 'FACES'. It can be any kind of face.....happy, sad, frowning or any other fact it doesn't even have to be a person or an animal....I can think of quite a few other kinds of faces. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of different faces!!

1) Happy smiling Buddha, showing the benefits of exercise!!

2) This dozy parrot was having a hard time staying awake!!
Sleepy Parrot

3) I saw this guy outside a tourist shop. I think they were trying to scare away the tourists!!
A Happy Local

4) This Pygmy Goat had a lot to say for himself!!
Pygmy Goat 2


  1. LOL very cool shots Mitch love them allo ;)

  2. "Raise your arms... 1 2 3 4...and hold..."

    "Im soooo tired..."


    "Are you LOOKIN' at me? Are you lookin' at ME?"

  3. heheeheh hi Mitch great banner by baz and cool theme
    love the buddah for excersise made my day lol
    love the sleepy bird and the cool goat
    the carved head is neat

  4. Hi Mitch! Great collection of faces. Love the Buddha smiling and serene. That is some great detail on the parrot, especially the beak. Scary guy in front of the postcards and my favorite, the adorable goat. Good theme and great faces.