Saturday, 7 April 2018

Picture This #445 ~ Cows, Bulls, Cattle

Many thank to Anders for hosting this week and for his bovine theme!! Had to do some digging in my archive this this one, including one that's a play on the name.

1) Contented cattle sunbathing.
Contented Cow

2) This cow looks like it has ink-spots on it's nose!!
Porthclais Cow 2

3) Funny-looking cow?? It's a Cattle Egret!! LOL
Cattle Egret 1

4) This lot seemed to be saying "If we ignore him, perhaps he'll go away!!" 
Cowabunga 1


  1. You're welcome, Mitch :)

    "Hey, Bert and Deirdre, Mitch is here to take our profileshot."

    "I've been inked!"

    "I egret that I'm not very much like a cow."

    "Welcome to the 63rd annual Cow's Association's World Extreme Chilling Championships. The playingfield is rich and we're looking forward to a thrilling competition."

  2. Hi Mitch nice banner
    love your bovine

  3. Congrats on this weeks Header Mitch and 3 great shots love the colour in the last one and I especially like the first shot ;)

  4. Hi, Mitch, great banner. Your first shot is the very definition of "pastoral". Lovely colors and mood. The other cows seem very content too, despite the odd nose. Love the cattle egret; I thought of that too, but don't have any. Wonderful display of his plumage and great detail.

  5. lol at that last shot. They are giving you the cold shoulder! I love them all but my favorite is the cattle egret! Fabulous shot!