Saturday, 28 April 2018

Picture This #447 ~ Black And White

Hi all, thanks to Heidi for a great theme. Mitch and I recently went to Monkey World when he came to visit, its not a zoo its a rescue centre for animals from around the world that for whatever reason can not be returned to the wild. They do an amazing job.
I am not big into human portraits, but I do love animal portraits and I think they lend themselves to Black and White Photography.
So my images are all shots from our shoot at Monkey World. I hope you like them.
Have a great weekend ;)

"The Boy"

"The Old Man" (shot in high key style.)

"Almost Human !"

"High Five"


  1. OMG what a wonderful set of shots all of them especially the 'Hand'
    you are so right about animals in B/W again wonderful wonderful

  2. Hi Barry!! Great selection of shots from our visit to Monkey World. They're all good, but I think I like the first one the best. I was disappointed with how many of my shots came out from that day. Have rescued some, with a lot of editing, but got rid of many more. The glare and reflection off the glass panels was bad. Not sure if an added problem was the fact my camera had barely seen daylight for several months.

  3. Wow, great shots. The "Boy" looks like he needs a rescue, so glad he is there. The "Old Man" is majestic, pity he is unable to go to his home. My favorite is the monkey behind the fence, and the hand, what a quirk of evolution that gave us opposable thumbs.

  4. "Here's lookin' at you!"

    "I think therefore I am."

    "When I hang here I ponder the mysteries of life and where mine is going."

    "Far out, man!"

  5. Awesome shots, Baz! I love all the four monkey shots. Although I like the awesome detail of the hand, the top shot is the best at my eyes...