Saturday, 14 April 2018

Picture This #446 ~ Fun And Play

Hi, this is Benni, here I am hosting from Michigan's spring. What a magnificent animal we have as our banner, well done Barry.
For a theme I have chosen "Fun and Play". You might choose people playing a game or just playing around.  Animals play as well and you might choose those. Or even light playing on the water. Feel free to be creative. Here are my pictures, hope you enjoy them.

Fun at the beach
A couple playing around at the beach.

Charming singer
I stopped at a stop light and this young lady was singing to the music. She posed for me before riding on.

Dogs at play
Dogs playing at the beach.

Have fun! I hope it's a warm spring day wherever you are. And one more note: I won't be able to comment on your pictures until morning my time and it will be afternoon your time. Also, others may  post later Saturday or even Sunday - be sure and pop back once or twice to check to see if anyone has posted so you can comment on their pix if you would be so kind. ❤️


  1. hi benni
    wow what a banner baz omg great
    benni cool theme love all your shots

  2. Sweet!

    Adorable and pretty!

    Utterly wonderful

  3. Hi Benni! Excellent choice of theme for this week's challenge and so is the set of photos I see on here. Love the diversity, love the smiles and the fun that the shots clearly depict to whoever views them...

  4. Hi Benni !! Many thanks for hosting this week. Getting ready for my travels tomorrow, so a bit late commenting!! Those two in the first shot are just enjoying each other's company and not seeming to have a care in the world. The young lady in the second shot seems to be full of the joys of life. What's more fun that doggies playing in the water?

  5. HI Benni, thanks for my pic on the banner much appreciated. A great theme and 3 cool pictures to get us started I especially love the dogs ;)