Friday, 11 September 2015

Picture This #320 ~ Identified Flying Objects

Hello everyone - Its Pat from Switzerland calling for some photos this week, so let them fly or rest in between flying.

This is a so-called Super Puma (according to Mr. Swiss) and our army have a few. This was not involved in an army exercise, but was helping out with some building work in a company, so I was busy snapping photos from my garden.

Super Puma over Feldbrunnen

I think this is a so-called humming bird hawk moth. We have them all the time in late Summer where I live, feeding on the pollen of the flowers.
Hawk moth

I think this is a red admiral. We had quite a few this year.

And our zeppelin that was touring Switzerland to celebrate an Edelweiss anniversary. It was stationed at the local airport and you were able to go for trips, although quite expensive.
Zeppelin over Feldbrunnen


  1. Hi Pat! What a good choice of theme for this week!!! That Puma must have lifted very heavy loads... In Portugal I have seen only aerial cranes doing it... Cool pirouette of the insect... It seems that the butterfly was not having a snack but a full course menu... so many little flowers! Very eye-catching zeppelin to celebrate a milestone.....

  2. Hi Pat Germany calling lol wonderful theme love the little bird and the butterfly is wonderful
    love the edelweis ballon wow and of course the heli great
    my flying ogjects are on their way lol

  3. Hi Pat!! many thanks for hosting this week's challenge. A splendid theme!! Great capture of the helicopter, particularly as you stopped the motion of the rotors without any blur. Wonderful timing with your shot of the hummingbird moth, just as he was probing the flowers with is extraordinary tongue!! Lovely shot of the butterfly. I would love to take a trip in that airship!!Flying much lower than commercial aircraft, and much more slowly, would present great photographic opportunities!!

  4. Hi Pat! Great shot of the helicopter. I like how it's framed by the plants. Magnificent shot of the moth! Look at that long tongue gathering nectar. The Red Admiral shot is very beautiful! A very summery shot. We have them here too. And I love the blimp or zeppelin, we see them sometimes here. Such a clear photo and very dramatic against the blue sky.