Saturday, 12 September 2015

Picture This #320 ~ Identified Flying Objects

Great theme, Pat, I was a little up in the air about what to post, but came upon these.

Great Blue Heron
Great blue heron

These are ready to fly.

Dawn Patrol
Heading west


  1. Hi Benni !!! Fabulous shots for this week's theme!! Really love the Great Blue!! You can see how he's using the air-currents for lift!! Lovely shot of the milkweed.....wind-riders awaiting the breeze. Great silhouette of the aircraft in the third shot, nice sky colour, too!!

  2. "Crane niner-two, you're cleared for landing on runway 2-5."

    "We are the Whispyheads, Whispyheads, Whispyheads, we are the Wispyheads and we keep whisping around..."


  3. You have made three great choices. Love the action photo of the big bird and the seeds ready to go. The aircraft is very good against the blue of the sky.

  4. Hi Benni! I envy that heron's wings.. if they were mine, how far away I would fly and land on new found sites... Wherever that plan was heading to, I love the shot...not an easy capture at all... Well, but my favourite is the one you titled 'these are ready to fly'... Indeed, they the light, love the seeds in the midst of those very fine hairs... Beautiful!!!

  5. Hi benni wonderful shots love the birds and the second one cool