Saturday, 12 September 2015

Picture This #320 ~ Identified Flying Objects

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week's challenge. A great theme, lots of possibilities!! Had to search my archives for this theme. While I'm fairly good at macros and landscapes, action-shots are not my thing, so apologies if some of these are not as sharp as usual!!

Here are mine:

1) Taken from inside a flying object!! Somewhere between Las Vegas and New Jersey.
>Sunset Wing

2) A Great Egret, looking annoyed because he missed the fish he was trying to catch!!
Missed The Fish

3) British Airways 747, taking off from Heathrow Airport, London.
Low Flying

4) Even dolphins can fly!!! 
Leaping Dolphins 2


  1. You're winging it!

    "I believe I can fly!"

    "....Its a plane..."


  2. Love the reflection of the sun on the plane in the first shot. Good action photo of the Egret (I have never ever seen one alive) and the take off action photo is very good. A very good capture of the dolphin in mid air.

  3. Hi Mitch. The soft glow of the colors on the wing and the horizon really makes your first shot. Nice egret! They do indeed look annoyed when they miss. Great pic of the jet and wow, that dolphin does look like it is flying. Love the splashes and the green of the palms.

  4. Hi Mitch! What an awesome set of shots for Pat's theme! Love the colour of that segment of the fuselage, under the light.... a nice shot of a disappointed egret.... awesome angle of the 747 taking off...
    a flying dolphin is always something special... Love dolphins.. love the shot!