Saturday, 7 January 2017

Picture This #384 ~ Intertwined

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week, a good new theme that we haven't done before!! This one took some thinking about, but I think I found a good variety of shots from my archive that fit the theme!!

1) The 'Wriggly Tree'. This is one of my earliest digital photos, of a tree that has been almost engulfed by the intertwined  branches of a creeper. 
Wriggly Tree2

2) Predator and prey intertwined!!

3) The petals of this flower are still intertwined until it fully breaks open.
Breakout 1

4) This family of Meerkats are intertwined for safety. Can you see baby meerkat peering out from underneath it's parents? 
Meerkats 1


  1. wow - that is truly a wondrous mass of intertwined twigs and branches.

    Wanna come home to me for tea and biscuits?

    Beautiful capture of the flowerbud

    Aww - that is so cute!

  2. Mitch hi hope your holidays were great

    love the tree wow
    come in said the spider to the fly lol
    the flower but wonderful
    and these two so nice and cuddly

  3. Very intersting tree, a fight of the little giants. Good macro of the bud, and a very sweet photo of the meercats.

  4. That is a wonderful tree, great upwards angle and almost magical. Shelob in your second shot? I love the macro of the yellow bud, the colors are so brilliant and seem to glow. And such a cozy shot of the meerkats; I had to look for the baby. Terrific!