Sunday, 29 January 2017

Picture This #387 ~ Flowers

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week. A great theme for cheering up these dull, dark winter days. Sorry I'm late posting, I've been away to visit my mom for her 80th Birthday. We held a surprise party for her. 

1) 'Blush' Sunflower.
Blush Sunflower

2)  Gazania, with guest.
Gazania 2

3) Calendula.
Calendula Heart 3

4) Osteospermum.
Osteospermum Heart 3


  1. glad all went well at your mums
    your shots are all fantastic just wow

  2. Gorgeous! Wonderful. I can see how the Blush sunflower got its name. Look at that snail on the Gazania - amazing. Your Calendula is a wonderful Florida shade of orange and the Osteospermum is fascinating in its colors and partially opened flowers in the center. The bugs have noticed.

  3. Beautiful shimmering saffron yellow.

    Utterly lovely fiery orange and gold

    Beautiful cinmmon and saffron

    Wonderful capture of the Osteospermum

  4. Love the flowers with their "guests" on them. The sunflower has a unique colour with its tinge of red. I love the gazania and the calendula. There are some super details of the centers of the flowers, but the osteosperumum takes the honours. Almost flowers within a flower.