Saturday, 21 January 2017

Picture This #386 ~ Animal, Vegetable Or Mineral

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week all the way from sunny Florida. I wish I was there, it's damned cold here in Wales!!  Great theme, giving lots of scope for variety!!

1) Animal: Blonde Gibbon in a pine tree. Monkeyworld, Dorset, England.
Gibbon 1

2) Vegetable: Varigated Gourd. Stackpole Mencap Gardens, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
Gourd 1

3) Mineral: Sandstone formations. Red Canyon, Utah, USA.
Red Canyon 3


  1. "Hey, leave me alone - Im having some well-deserved me-time!"

    Magnificent produce

    Majestic mountain vista

  2. Hi Mitch! Great pictures for the theme. The gibbon is so interesting, I love the way his colors and the colors of the tree complement each other. The gourd, too, has interesting colors in the sunny garden. Red Canyon is marvelous. I can see how it got the name "red", and the sky, clouds, and pines set it off wonderfully.

  3. A monkey in a tree and in Dorset (sounds like Baz was around then). This is becoming international - a welsch gourd and afterwards an american canyon showing intresting rock formations.

  4. Hi Mitch! Excellent shots for this week's theme... The top one is my favourite, because I like the colours and the position of the gibbon very similar to human creatures. Big gourd with which I would make a good soup. Amazing sandstone formations..

  5. hi mitch love all your shots especially the last one love the majestic look and to think nature did it all