Saturday, 28 January 2017

Picture This #387 ~ Flowers

First of all thanks Mitch for featuring my peanuts as banner and thanks Heidi for hosting.

Taking photos of flowers is a regular thing with me. In WordPress we have a "Flower of the Day" challenge and I am always busy with my camera in the local flower department of the supermarket, they even know me now and they do not seem to mind.

I love the exotic flowers, the ones you do not often see, and only in the stores. One of my favourites is what I call a "triffid" although I believe they are actually members of the protea family, but I love the strange sizes and shapes, as well as the colours

The name of these is Ranunculus it seems. I am not an expert, but read the labels on the flowers when I take the photos, so that I know what it is afterwards. They also arrive in various shapes, sizes and colours.

Bromelia seem to arrive in various colours these days, but I had never seen a white one, so I had to take the photo.

And here a photo of my Kalanchoe. I love these little flower plants. The are reasonable in price, and flower at least a month. All they need is some water once a week. This is my new one, so I put it in the garden for a photo amongst the snowy background. My last one was an intensive yellow and that is now taking a rest before flowering again.


  1. Hi Pat! What stunning pictures. I love the first, an unusual flower and gorgeous composition. The ranunculus is very pretty and a nice color. Fascinating white bromeliad; I've never seen one in white. And how creative of you to give your red kalanchoe a snowy background!

  2. Beautiful brilliant colours

    Pretty purple flowers

    Truly amazing Bromelia.

    And the splash of colour among the green in the snow

  3. Hi Pat love your flowers I also shot at the supermarket the first one love the crazy flower and color wonderful
    the color in the second is cool love ranunculus
    the bromelia always majestic
    and little snow flower cute

    love your peanuts :)

  4. Hi Pat !! A fabulous collection of flowers for this week's theme!! I love both the Protea and the Ranunculus!! Both a bit different to the usual flowers, great colours and odd shapes!! The Bromeliad is also a nice different flower. The one in the last shot I'm not familiar with, but the red flowers stand out nicely against the snowy background.