Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Picture This #383 ~ Shades Of Green

 photo bae0fb3c-b610-46bf-ab39-37a350466e3f_zpspl2zi0ka.jpg

 photo 0b74674e-527e-4f4d-bd4c-a1ae3bf33fb5_zpso5loveut.jpg

 photo 74102022-c816-46a1-9ecd-3ffbf76e73e3_zpsenng6inn.jpg

 photo 56b08ca3-7244-4445-95fa-d45a5fbfda8c_zpsdigmqry0.jpg

 photo f679606b-621a-43fb-b33f-22d0e78eb177_zps3rddcen9.jpg


  1. Beautiful rainsplashed lime-green leaves, decoration and watermelons

    Terrific macro of the fly

  2. Hi Nik !! Good to see you taking part this week. Great shots, all !! Love the raindrops on the leaves in the first and last shots. Nice image of Ganesha in the second shot. Tasty-looking watermelons. Cool macro of the fly!!

  3. Hi, Nik, very nice to see your pictures! I love the green of Ganesha, marvelous and very different from what I see here. The greens of the watermelons are wonderful and the leaves are very nicely detailed with the fly and water drops. Outstanding. Visit often, we love to have you.