Saturday, 31 December 2016

Picture This #383 ~ Shades Of Green

First of all Happy New Year to all and may it be a good one.
Thanks Mitch for hosting with a good theme and also for featuring my glittery Poinsettia as banner photo.
I decided to avoid plants where possible in my photos and look for something different.

This is the new bottle bank at my supermarket. The plastic bottles are now crushed automatically when you put them through the slot. Glass bottles seem to have disappeared, but there is also a slot for them somewhere.
Bottle Bank

Saw this Mini Cooper parked next to our car so thought it would be a good subject for a photo and brought some memories back of Mr. Swiss first own car, although I did not know him then and it was many years ago. Today they have re-modernised them.Mini Cooper 25.11.2016

I was sitting outside and a grasshopper appeared. When he saw my camera, it was show time on the Bromeliad.
Grasshopper on Bromelia 23.08 (1)

A cabbage study.
Cabbage thoughts


  1. Wonderful shot of the recycling station

    It is a truly charming car

    Incredible macro

    Great shot of the cabbage

  2. Hi Pat wonderful banner
    cool car, wonderful macro and the cabbage is great

  3. Hi Pat. Lovely banner shot!! Congrats! I applaud your idea of avoiding plants; there are so many green things. The recycle spot is a nice example of that. The Mini Cooper looks great and so does the grasshopper. My favorite has to be your study of the cabbage: marvelous!! Detail, texture and shades of green.

  4. Hi Pat !! Terrific shots for the theme. I'm really liking your different takes, too. Great idea in the first shot, not a subject a lot of people would think to photograph. Nice shot of the Mini. It's a nice enough car, but doesn't have the character of the original Mini (just my opinion though). Cool grasshopper, looks like he stopped to pose for a photo. Great study of the cabbage. Lots of interesting light, shadow and texture. Happy New Year!!