Saturday, 17 December 2016

Picture This #382 ~ C Is For Christmas And....

Wonderful photo from Mitch as banner, I really liked that photo.

Thanks for hosting Belita.

Poinsettia is the local store with some glitter. We call them Christmas star translated from German. I always have one at home every year.


Our neighbours are decorating their balconies.
Christmas Lights 04.12 (2)

And what would Christmas be without Mistletoe. They are actually a parasitic growth and attach themselves to the trees. They look very attractive in their bunches hanging on the trees and are very common in our area. This is actually a coloured photo, but it seemed to be a black, grey and white day.
Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 16.12.2016

The next door neighbour's decoration.
Front Garden 01.12 (4)

And the local supermarket were running a special offer. You got a card and for every 20 Swiss francs you spent you got a sticky for the card. When the card is full you can choose from 3 teddy bears. I managed to get all three within 2 weeks, and now have a fourth bear - does anyone want a teddy bear? They are easy to look after, do not need food, just a hug now and again.
Teddy bears


  1. Beautiful flowers, decorations, amazing mistletoeclumps, starlets and cute little bears.

  2. Lovely Christmas-y pictures, Pat! Great capture of the poinsettia; they glitter it up here too. Pretty balcony and awesome shot of the mistletoe in the trees. Our landscape is much the same, looks black and white even when I shoot in color. Very cute teddies.

  3. Hi Pat!! Wonderful shots for Belita's theme. Poinsettia has naturally perfect colours for Christmas, even without the glitter. Lovely shot of it. Your neighbour's balcony looks vert festive. Isn't it funny how Mistletoe.....a parasitic poisonous plant.....has become associated with affection and the giving of kisses!! Super close-up of the Christmas lights of your neighbours. At least with getting all three bears, it won't be a case of one being lonely!!

  4. Hi Pat love all your shots especially the cute Teddy Bears

  5. Hi Pat! Sorry for the late comments on the variety of your photos for the theme. In Portugal, we also call those flowers Christmas stars. On the other day, I read an article about a legend that explains such name. Nicely decorated balconnies... nice effect in the darkness, for sure... Good capture of the mistletoe traditionally connected with the current festive season... In between neighbours' decorations...lucky you! Thanks for the suggestion but so many bears I have to look after...