Saturday, 3 December 2016

Picture This #380 ~ Whites And Lights

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week, with another great theme!!  Should get some great variety of colour and tone with this one. I tried to get as much variety into my shots, so two weather-based ones, a flower and an animal. 

1) New Forest pony, interrupted while having a drink.
New Forest Pony 1

2) Snowflakes are dancing around this abandoned farmhouse in the Welsh village of Llandeilo.
Snowflakes Are Dancing

3) Pale perfection in Upton House Gardens.
Pale Perfection 1

4) Sailing in a sea-mist. The Needles lighthouse, Isle Of Wight in the background.
Sailing In The Mist 1


  1. Wonderful capture of the pony

    Beautiful and Christmassy

    Utterly lovely flowershot

    Beautiful shimmering paleblue misted scenery.

  2. Hi, Mitch, fantastic pictures. Wonderful detail on the pony, great speckled coat. Lovely trees and snow in your village shot, and magnificent macro. The mist picture is a treasure, so many light blues and so beautiful.

  3. Hi Mitch thanks for using my photo for banner
    love your shots the horse--the snow the fog cool

  4. Love how you captured the trickle of water from the pony. Snow over Llandudno is very good as well as the light caught on the flower.I know the Needles very well, been there and seen them on summer holdiays. It is a fascinating group of rocks and I like how you have caught the misty atmosphere with the lonely yacht.

  5. Hello, beautiful pony! Wonderful snowflakes ballet...I envy them, as they dance without attending classes... beautiful capture of the flower and of the light on some of its petals... My favourite is the bottom shot... Mysterious foggy scene...