Saturday, 17 December 2016

Picture This #382 ~ 'C' Is For Christmas And ...

I was so excited about this theme. I got to look through many of my pictures and relive memories. These are the ones I have chosen. Oh, did I say I love the banner shot by Mitch? I do.

Christmas cat.

Firecracker fern
C is for Crimson. I loved these flowers and spent many hours getting just the right shot.

C is for Carried Away. Like this young lady, I will soon be on the beach, jumping for joy as she is.

Heading down to Florida in early January. Away from the cold, snow and ice.


  1. Hi Benni love all your shots especially the last so cool

  2. Utterly lovely capture of the cat and the lights and the tree in the fireplace

    Beautiful flowers


  3. Hi Benni !! Wonderful variety in your shots. I just love that photo of Honey sitting in the fireplace. It's so full of warmth and happiness. Beautiful shot of the 'firecrackers'. I imagine you will be feeling like the woman in the third shot when you arrive in Florida for your winter stay!!

  4. Hi Benni! Thanks for your kind words regarding the choice of theme.Glad to know you like it. Excellent set of photos. The time you spent was not in vain... my eyes are delighted specially with the top and the bottom shots... Very original composition of the cat, lights, tree and fireplace... I feel warmth around there... Very nice shades of crimson red... Fabulous shot of the lady...motion and emotion...

  5. The Christmas cat is great, in the right place at the right time. Very good shot of the flowers and the lady at the beach is not really something I would see in Switzerland at Christmas, so a unique action shot