Saturday, 10 December 2016

Picture This #381 ~ Street Scenes

Thanks for hosting Heidi and thnks to Mitch for featuring my snow scene as a banner photo.

Someone said Street scene. This is a bit out of context perhaps, but my mum took the photo in 1945 or 46 in our street in the East End of London on VE Day, the end of the war. The street was decorated and people were ready to at last have a party, relax, and be glad that it was over. Taken probably with our Brownie Box camera.

Norah Street 1945

Taken on a visit to London when I always stayed with my friend in Hornchurch, London. This is a turning at the end of her road and you can see a bloke coming towards me. It was a second hand car sales place and he wanted to know why I was taking a photo. I explained I was a tourist and it was OK. He was just a bit worried I might be from a car insurance. I think he had a few dodgy motors on the place. Actually I was aiming for the YMCA building in the background.
YMCA from Grenfell Avenue, Hornchurch

And now just a normal street scene in our local town of Solothurn, at the time when the sunflowers blossom, on  market day.
Market stall in Solothurn

This is the market square in Bern, capital of Switzerland.
Market Square, Bern


  1. Wonderful historic shot for your first picture! And I just love the colorful flowers in your third. Great shots all four!

  2. Hi Pat and wow love that first shot just what I wanted
    and the flowers wow all 4 super shots

  3. Wonderful shot of the flagged street

    Great shot

    Wondrous display of sunflowers

    Wonderful shot of a sunny day.

  4. Hi Pat!! An excellent collection of shots for this week's theme!! Great variety. Wonderful old photo of the VE celebrations!! Real history!! The story attached to the second shot reminded me of an old TV show called 'Minder'. Great display of flowers in the third shot. A great place to sit, have a coffee and people-watch in your final shot.