Monday, 12 December 2016

Picture This #381 ~ Street Scenes

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week and holding the fort while I was away at the  weekend. A great theme, was fun looking for some different ones. 

1) Alms Houses at Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England.
Alms Houses 1

2) A shop in Smithville Village, New Jersey.
Ireland & Old Lace

3)  Typical New York street scene.

4) 'Old West' street scene, Bonnie Springs, Nevada.
Liberty Bell


  1. Hi Mitch glad to help
    love all your shots
    Somerset is always a picture worth and the USA ones are cool

  2. Lovely pictures, my favorite is your first one. I love the old look about it, captured nicely with the angle you took. New York is intriguing too, with the cop cars and cyclist. All great shots.

  3. Wonderful photo of the alms houses, could almost be something from a Charles Dickens novel. Neat little shop, sort of american style and the old west scene takes me back to Wyatt Earp and Mr. Dillon. I love the New York street scene, just the mounted policeman is missing on his horse.