Saturday, 17 December 2016

Picture This #382 ~ C IS FOR CHRISTMAS AND.........

Many thanks to Belita for hosting this week, a very appropriate and festive theme it is!! I had fun trying to find some varied shots rather than all just typical Christmas decoration shots. Didn't completely succeed, but who's Christmas!! 

1) C for Christmas Tree, of course!! This is my mom's. I love her choice of colour and decoration. 
Blue Glow 5

2) C for Cold Covering of snow. Llandeilo village, Carmarthenshire, Wales. 
Frozen Valley

3) C for Cheers!! I'll drink to that!!
Drinks 2 Alcohol

4) C for Cheerful happy face of Christmas!!
Happy Santa


  1. Utterly lovely tree

    Serene and beautiful

    A light repast

    Ho ho ho!

  2. Hi Mitch! First of all, congratulations for the impressive banner image... Excellent choice of photos for the theme, images that clearly depict several aspects of the season. Your mother has a very refined taste... wonderful tree looking at which makes me dream... The second shot is like turning a page of a gnomes tale book and see their houses in snow... A tasty trio that will surely make one feel cheerful... Having or not had a drink before, Santa's face is very cheerful...

  3. Hi Mitch love all your shots
    your moms tree cool the cheers right back at you and the village I can feel the cold and your happy santa great

  4. Your mum's Christmas tree is beautiful, she can really be proud of that. You have more snow that us in Llandeilo village at the moment, beautiful scenery. Good display of drinks and a very nice self portrait on the last photo - did you do a selfie?

  5. Hi, Mitch, wonderful banner shot. Your mother's tree is unique and elegant, lovely picture. Your photograph of Wales reminds me of Christmas time in Michigan, gray and yet with a stark beauty. Made all the more beautiful with the lack of neon commercial signs so often seen over here. And who could decline Christmas spirits, certainly not your jolly Santa!