Saturday, 3 December 2016

Picture This #380 ~ Whites And Lights

Hi, here I am, hosting this week's Picture This. Marvelous banner shot by Heidi, wonderfully dramatic portrayal of "Distance". On to this week's theme...

If you have ever been to a store to buy house paint, you'll have noticed there are many shades of white. One can get ivory, eggshell, pearl, and many other creatively named colors that are variations on plain old white. So that is my theme: pictures with white or shades of colors that are light in color. Don't get stuck worrying if your picture is light enough. Have fun and show us whites or lights. Here are mine:

Barn and birch
Barn with birch tree.

Milkweed seed about to fly off.

Moon in trees
The Supermoon caught in branches.


  1. hi benni thanks for the nice complement on the banner
    Love your theme and your shots superb

  2. Beautiful shimmering white bark of the birch

    Utterly lovely - looks like a piece of art

    A super moon indeed.

  3. Hi Benni !! Many thanks for hosting this week. A great theme. Lots of white & light in your first shot, the silver birch casting it's shadow on the light coloured roof of the bard and the white-painted door-frames. A wonderful shot of the milkweed seed about to float away. Beautiful shot of the golden moon, the dark silhouettes of the trees lend a spooky note.

  4. We don't buy paint, we get the stuff painted by a painter, although from photography I realise that white is not just white. Good contrasts in white of the silver birch and the barn door. Must see if we have milkweed in Switzerland - good "action" photo. Love your super moon. I wondered where it was at the time, floating around in the States it seems.

  5. Hi Benni! I look at the top shot and I see several elements that fascinate me..... the white colour of the naked birch tree, different textures from the tree bark to the brick tiles the green of the lawn and above all the beautiful natural light... Awesome capture of the seed about to fly were there at the right moment... Another excellent shot of the Moon... Witches would like to go out dancing under its light...