Sunday, 4 December 2016


Awesome banner image... congratulations, Heidi!
 Love the theme for this week, Benni!! In fact, there are many shades of white...

Hiker in Spain - White is not a common colour among walkers. I wondered she was a Moslem and for some reason white colour has a special symbolism that I ignore... white~~

At a restaurant (Lisbon)WHITE

Not sure my interpretation is right: Night and Day 
VOGUE Fashion Night Out -2016 Lisbon.white-

Open-air tearoom (Lisbon)

Note: I'll be back later and will drop my comments on all the entries. Thanks!!


  1. hi belita thanks for the complement on the banner
    love your photos and they are all wonderful
    love the first one and night and day is cool
    the white umbrellas great

  2. Beautiful shot of the Arab woman

    Wonderful decorative lights

    Very cool

    Wonderful idea.

  3. Wow, those are magnificent pictures. The first one is so dramatic by the contrast of the color of the woman's face. My favorite. Love the lights hanging down and the shapes and lines in the photograph. I think you are correct in your interpretation of "Night and Day". Wonderful shades of white in the umbrellas of the tea room.

  4. Hi Belita!! Wonderful shots for Benni's theme!! The first shot is a great candid shot. I am wondering if she is carrying a baby/child on her back under the headgear, or if it is just a backpack. Lovely white lights in the second shot. I really like your third shot, it is a very good interpretation of 'Night & Day'. It's a really fun shot. The open-air tearoom looks so inviting, I want to take a seat and order something!!

  5. Sorry for my late words, but better late than never. Some great works of art here. The lady with the shawl is a wonderful photo, and I do not think that white has a special meaning for muslims. The lights hanging in front of the restaurant a wonderful composition and the vogue photo very unique. The view on the terrace of the umbrellas is very original.