Friday, 10 February 2017

Picture This #389 Slopes And Stairs

My turn this week. Sorry was not around last week, but had really nothing new to show. The impressive buildings in Switzerland are in the larger towns and I no longer manage so many visits.

I took this photo this morning at the supermarket. They have all sorts of stairs to the various levels. I precariously balanced my cane and took a photo whilst Mr. Swiss was waiting for me to get in the car.

We were leaving the underground parking house and so I took a photo as we were approaching the exit, all on a slope.Feldbrunnen to Solothurn 07.02 (2)

The steps leading up to the village church in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland.
Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 06.02 (147)

A sort of Swiss fire escape.
Road to Langendorf 06.01 (55)


  1. Hi Pat nice to see you and love your theme

  2. Hi Pat !! Many thanks for hosting this week. Great theme, should get some interesting shots!! I see you managed to sneak Mr Swiss into the first shot. Not the sort of stairs you will be attempting. Good shot of the car-parking ramp. I like the ones that spiral up/down, although they are often rather tight and one has to be careful not to scrape off any paintwork!! Lovely shot of the stairs leading to the village church. Love those 'skeletal' trees, too. Cool shot of the fire escape.

    1. I really did not notice Mr. Swiss in the first pic. As I was taking the photo, he was replacing the trolley - yes he is very well trained. You can even see our car on the left of Mr. Swiss.

  3. Thanks for hosting this week! Great pictures. I like the lines in your shots, and I especially love your third picture with snow, stone, and trees. Interesting shapes too.

  4. Hi Pat! Very nice shots for the theme of your choice.I particularly like the third from the top, as the trees are like nature framing a man-made structure.