Saturday, 25 February 2017

Picture This #391 ~ Things That Make Noise

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week. A great theme, again one I don't think we've done before. I had had fun trying to find different takes on the theme.

1) This bird certainly liked making some noise!!

2) A guitar this size would make plenty of noise!!

3) The noise when the meteor that created this crater hit the Earth would have been beyond human comprehension!!
Meteor Crater 1

4) Boeing 747s make a lot of noise, particularly on take-off.
My Ride Home 1


  1. Indeed it is noise-maker of rank


    Yes, there would have been quite a noice of the impact

    Indeed it does!

  2. Hi Mitch, great variety of noise-makers. Your blackbird is a wonderful capture as he calls out. The guitar is an amazing shot; I bet it would make quite a sound. Magnificent crater, and a good shot of its majesty. And your jet almost looks like it is about to poke its nose through the glass.

  3. love em all the guitat loud but not as loud as the Boing going home and the crater that must have been some boooommmmm