Saturday, 18 February 2017

Picture This #390 ~ Arts And Crafts

Good banner photo from Benni, has a good ambiance.
Thanks Anders for hosting this week.

Every year around Christmas there is an exhibition in our local Castle Waldegg, just up the hill from where I live. I took a shot of this hand coloured music book.
Illustrated Music Book, Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen

Silhouette Paper Cutting is a hobby of some in Switzerland, and has a very long tradition. We once visited a lady that did such silhouttes and she gave us this one as a gift.
Silhouette Paper Cut

I used to see this every day from my office window when I was a working woman. The train lines were opposite the office and someone used their arts and crafts for graffiti.
Graffiti Railway lines in Bellach

And here is another one, taken from a train at the exit from Basel Mainline Station.
Basel to Solothurn 05.09 (4)


  1. Hi Pat love your shots
    the bible wow it must have taken eons to do this work great and love grafiti to me it is art

  2. Hi Pat !! Wonderful shots for this week's theme!!That music manuscript in the first shot is beautiful. Looks quite old, I bet it's worth quite a lot of money!! I saw some examples of silhouette paper-cutting some years ago. It's very intricate work, needs a lot of practice and patience. Two very good captures of graffiti-art. Some of these artists are very talented!!

  3. Beautiful book

    Fabulous image

    Cool grafitti!

  4. What a stunning music book and a great photo of it. I also love the papercutting, your picture shows it off nicely. And great graffiti in the bottom too; wall art fascinates me and I am glad when it is recognized.