Saturday, 18 February 2017

Picture This #390 ~ Arts And Crafts

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week. A very good theme, which I don't think we've had before. I'm looking forward to seeing all the different types of hand-crafts in everyone's photos. 

1) 'Funny Face'. A mask hand-made by a pupil at the Stackpole Mencap Gardens project.
Funny Face 1

2) 'Garden Angel'. A piece by Raul Speek, who has been resident artist in the village of Solva, Pembrokeshire, Wales, for many years.
Speek Angel

3) My mother has been making hand-crafts for many years, including cross-stitch, jewellery and bead-crafts. These are some of the bead-craft necklaces she has made.
Necklaces 3

4) One of a set of hand-crafted masks my mother has on the walls in her house (but not made by her).
Masque 1b


  1. Hi Mitch love your shots
    the funny face man love him
    the angel cool
    love the bea
    ds straight from Burano via china lol
    the mask I love

  2. A truly funny face

    Beautiful angel

    Wonderful beads

    Exceptional mask

  3. Wonderful what the local craftsmen come up with for originaly ideas, like the face and the angel. Bead construction is interesting, mum has produced some wonderful colour and shape combinations. Love the mask, I have one at home somewhere.

  4. Love the mask on top, so expressive!! The angel is a wonderful shot of a fascinating piece of sculpture. Simple, but with those curves to intrigue one. I adore beads, have some myself. It looks like your mother uses some beads of various minerals and hangs them to lovely effect. I'd love to go to the bead shop where she goes. Very pretty mask on the bottom.