Saturday, 11 February 2017

Picture This #389 ~ Slopes And Stairs

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week. An interesting theme, there should be a good variety of shots!! Took me a while to decide on my entries, as I found a lots of shots I could use!!

1) Stairs up a repeater-tower. Steep!!
Up The Tall Tower

2) Steps down the sloping ramparts of Maiden Castle, an iron-age fortress.
Over The Stile And Down The Steps

3) Classic fire-escapes. New York. 
Red & White

4) Stairs down the side of the Devil's Bridge Falls, Wales. 
More Steps


  1. Hi Mitch lovely banner you picked
    love your shots
    the devils bridge the fire escape from Maiden Castle all of them wow

  2. Cool angle.

    Lovely winding path totbhe beach.

    Indeed they are - just right for skipping down to the neighbour.

    Beautiful and magical

    1. Had to laugh at your second comment, Anders. It would be a long walk to the nearest beach, it's about 20 miles from there!! LOL. That white you can see is a ploughed field, the soil is very pale-coloured.

    2. Yer welcum, Mitch matey. :) A slight slip of the finger :D

  3. Hi, Mitch, nice variety of shots. The shapes and lines in your first make for a striking capture. How lovely it would be to walk the steps of Maiden Castle. I like how the cows (sheep?) pick up the white in the picture. Bright reds fascinate in your NY picture, and a far more peaceful view going down to Devil's Bridge Falls with sun on the ferns.

  4. I do not know what a repeater tower is (too long away from GB) but it looks very interesting. Good steps from the iron age castle - welsh? Those fire escapes do have something special about them in New York, but I would not like to try one. Romantic steps from the falls. We also have a devils bridge in Switzerland, they seem to be everywhere.

  5. Hi Mitch! What a nice set of photos for Pat's theme... I hope the fire-escapes will never be used... Very good angle of the stairs up that repeat tower... Love the two others...