Saturday, 6 May 2017

Picture This #401 ~ One Two Three

Congratulations Heidi on the banner photo and thanks for hosting Anders.

The block where I live is being refurbished with all the works. New insulation, new colour and a lot of noise and dust. The scaffolding is now completed  which took two weeks. Now the plasterers have moved in and stripping the building. I am out daily with the camera, never had such a good opportunity for photos. Here is my No. 1 - a plasterer removing part of the original wall covering.
Renovation 04.'5 (13)

A shot from the local supermarket - two bears deciding to take a trip in a balloon basket.

Since our local stables, just across the road, decided to expand with chickens, ducks and geese, I am often there with the camera. Luckily I have a 300 lens as it cuts out the outlines of the fencing and get me nicely close to the action. Here are three of the duck population.
Ducks and Geese 28.03 (4)

And yes I have fourth photos. Now you are asking how can I when I have already presented 1, 2 and 3. When I was preparing the evening meal this evening I was cutting the mushrooms and found this one or is it three? As far as I am concerned this combines them all, so I took a few instant photos with my mobile phone camera, to commemorate the event.




  1. Oh, Pat,very nice photos, especially the ducks! They are wonderful. And how fascinating that mushroom is!! You're right, it could easily be 1 or 2 or 3 or all at once!!

  2. Hi Pat! You always share very creative photos which I really like. This week is not an exception...

  3. Hi Pat and how cool
    I love the mushroom shots the best

  4. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Anders' theme!! Very good shot of the workman partly hidden amongst all the scaffolding. Very cute capture of the giant bears about to 'set off on an adventure'. Lovely shot of the ducks, where one appears to be keeping watch while the other two eat. I really like your 'bonus' shot. That unusual mushroom certainly seem to fit the bill as far as the theme goes!!

  5. Great shot of the man at work

    Awfully cute

    Wonderful capture of the ducks.

    It does combine all three. :)