Saturday, 20 May 2017

Picture This #402 ~ Dealer's Choice

Welcome back Mitch and hope you had a great holiday - we all need them to give us fresh energy.
Thanks for hosting Benni and congratulations to Belita on the wonderful banner photo making me feel hungry.

Last week Mr. Swiss and I took a walk and there were some cows grazing nearby, so of course I was ready with my camera. Suddenly Mr. Swiss said "let's go". It seems there were a few cows with a bull and they were approaching (bull at the front left). I was astonished that he had so much respect for the bull, after all there was a fence in between. I continued shooting but followed him. He said bulls could get very nasty. I continued shooting, as you see a bull very rarely. It is all done at the institute these days and afterwards by vet.

Cows 16.05 (4)
I am still surrounded by builders and renovation work on the building where I live. A wonderful opportunity for some action photos. Here the worker was removing a steel pin and I just had to try and get an action shot with the sparks and everything.
Renovation 08.05 (13)
And this, for me, is my picture of this year up to now. We had Germans that began to build the scaffolding, followed by Moroccans that finished the job. Now we have the  construction workers: some Swiss and a few other nationalities. There is a groups of Italians, wonderful people and when the boss saw I had my mobile phone camera in the hand, he called his colleagues and I did a group photo. The guy on the left is holding the pneumatic chisel, the noisiest instrument of all. Needless to say I get on very well with them.
The Builders


  1. Hi Pat !! Great shots for this week's theme!! I think perhaps Mr Swiss was being a bit too cautious about the bull. The fence appears to be perfectly sufficient to stop any trouble from him. Very good action-stop in the second shot of all the sparks flying!! The workmen seem to having fun.....I think they liked an excuse to take a quick break. I'm guessing the boss is the guy in blue?

    1. No, the boss here is second from left, but only a small boss. The guy in blue is actually already retired and just helps out now and again if they don't have enough men available.

  2. wow you out did yourself Pat very nice

  3. "Ok, gels, these two are humans and they are of sort that takes care of us."

    Cool shot

    Terrific shot of the gang.

  4. Hi, Pat, sorry to be late in commenting. Your pictures are great. The cow (and bull) picture has a wonderful feel about it. Marvelous picture of the steel pin removal, love the sparks. And charming picture of workmen, they look like they are having a good time being photographed.