Saturday, 20 May 2017

Picture This #402 ~ Dealer's Choice

This is Benni, sitting here while you are all probably snuggled in your beds. I had a nagging feeling there was something I needed to do today and like a flash it hit me - *put up the theme for Picture This*. So here it is, "Dealer's Choice", which you probably know is when the card dealer gets to pick the game. I could have called it "Pot Luck" as well, but it's the same thing. Choose any three pictures that you like and put them up for us all to enjoy. Here are mine:

Lady Slipper

Years ago, deep in the Canadian woods, I found this lovely wild orchid.

Ducks in a row

I have always liked this picture of the red-billed whistler ducks looking at something.

Violet salad

This is the time of year to gather violets for salad, with artichoke hearts and small sweet peppers.

Also let me compliment Belita on her striking and perfect picture for the theme "One, Two, Three".


  1. good morning benni or for you good night
    cool theme always like dealers choice lo love yours

  2. Beautiful orchid

    "Ok, fellas, eyes - RIGHT!"


  3. Hi Benni !! Many thanks for hosting this week. God theme, should get a lot of variety. Lovely orchid in the first shot. I think it might be a Slipper Orchid. The guys in the second shot made me smile.....looks like they're waiting for a bus. Lovely colours in your third shot. I'm not big on salads, but this looks quite tasty.

  4. Beautiful wild orchid, something that would not be found in our woods. Those ducks are a hit, all lined up, perhaps they were synchrone swimmers. The salard is very colourful.

  5. Lovely shots, Benni! The orchid is beautiful! The salad looks scrumptious and the ducks are so cute looking in the same direction.