Saturday, 27 May 2017

Picture This #403 ~ People

Thanks for hosting Heidi, and a wondeful banner photo Mitch

On one of our holidays, we were in Vienna and naturally visited all the tourist places. Sometimes they can get quite crowded. This is Schloss Schönbrunn with all the visitors.


This guy had just landed in front of me on the meadow in front of our local castle, so I had to take a photo with all his paragliding gear.
Paraglider 23.04 (6)

I cannot escape the workers at the moment who are still doing things to our building. This guy was grinding something. As soon as the sparks began to fly, I was there with the camera. He laughed and said I should get further back as he did not want to be guilty of flying sparks on my camera lens.

This was just a casual shot from the car as we were passing buy. It seems these two guys were discussing how to mow the grass, or something like that.
Road to Langendorf 24.05 (3)


  1. Hi Pat!! Great shots for this week's theme. Great crowd scene in beautiful Vienna. Excellent capture of the recently-landed paraglider. You captured those sparks coming from the grinding tool really well!! Had to laugh at the final shot. I think the guy on the right is saying "Hey, I have the lawnmower....I should have those ear-protectors, too!!" LOL.

  2. Hi Pat love all your pics especially the para glider guy and your building com padres

  3. "Close to milling crowds."

    That is a cool pursuit!

    Great shots of the working men

  4. Hi Pat, great shots. Especially love the one of the workman and the sparks.