Saturday, 27 May 2017

Picture This #403 ~ People

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week. Her theme is one we haven't done for a while. I did used to take a lot of candid 'people' shots several years ago, I now try to avoid getting people in my shots most of the time, however I did get a couple recently. So my shots are two recent (colour) and two older (B&W) shots. 

1) This guy appeared to be lost in thought.

2) This person was admiring the view at Worbarrow Bay, Dorset, England.
The Observer

3) One of my old favourites. 'Old Stogie'.
Old Stogie

4) A hiker walking the trails at Avon Heath, Dorset, England.


  1. I am totally with you on people shots, as it is definitely not a speciality of mine - too much explaining and permissions to obtain. but you have chosen four good shots. Just as people are, relaxed and making the most of life. Love the bay shot and the hiker is well loaded.The b/w shots are also very good. B/w always captures the expressions very well I find.

  2. love your 2 b/w and I remember them the others are cool
    love your little bird watching us all

  3. "Sometimes I sits and thinks..."

    "One day all this will be mine."

    The Cuba Libre Man

    "I the cat that walks by myself and all paths are equally pleasing to me."

  4. Old Stogie is one of my favorites too. Nice to see Worbarrow Bay again. Great shots.