Saturday, 3 March 2018


 I don't like card games and, though I find Anders' theme for this week a very challenging choice requiring time to peruse photo folders and I am going to have a busy weekend, please, allow me to post photos of hands, simply. I would post nothing at all, otherwise...

Doing the laundry washing (seen in a rural region)

Hands playing a puppet on strings (Lisbon)POKER

Enormous hand supporting the façade of a hotel building - Lisbon POKER


  1. Beautiful idiosyncratic captures Belita, I would know your work without your name on it, wonderful images ;)

  2. Hi Belita!! I like your lateral thinking in choosing photos for Anders' challenging theme!! Very good minimal shot of the woman doing her laundry. Wonderful shot of the puppeteer giving a show. I love the hand 'holding up' the building!! An inspired bit of thinking by the architect!!

  3. Wonderful pictures of hands! I like the motion in the first one, a beautiful shot. Interesting puppeteer with the geometric facade behind her. Your big hand is splendid, very creative of the architect and you.