Saturday, 3 March 2018

Picture This #440 ~ Poker

Morning all, Congrats to Benni on this weeks header and  thanks to Anders for an interesting theme, nothing suitable in my archive for this theme and as I am snowed in LOL, a literal interpretation is all I can manage LOL. Have a great weekend ;) I see Blogger decided to play up again! I am sure Mitch will fix it LOL. I have no clue why it did that LOL!

Royal Flush.

Wild Card Five of a kind!


Two Pairs.


Full House.Barry4


  1. Hi Barry!! Perfect examples for Anders' very challenging theme!! I found it really difficult and had to think outside the box!! Love those cards, they look like an old set. Are they really old or a reproduction of an old set? BTW....couldn't fix the Blogger problem. According to the settings and the HTML it should be showing in the same format as everyone else's. Must be a glitch.

    1. Thanks Mitch They are old its a 2 pack set thats been in the family for year , I got them from my Grandmother and they had been passed to her, but I dont know how far back Mitch ;)

    2. OH and thanks for checking out the problem gald its not just me LOL ;)

  2. Cards of classic design and great depictions of the hands. Ive actually played poker at work many years ago. Last Card it was called.

  3. clasic poker cool baz --love the deck

  4. Great take on the theme and a lovely old card set. I'd love to go through it and see which historical figures are portrayed in the face cards.

  5. Excellent interpretation of the theme....