Thursday, 4 December 2014

Picture This #279 ~ Wood

Wood. That has a lot of ways to be shown. Starting out with the stump.


But that is not where I want this to go. SO I will show some things made of wood instead.





  1. Hi Randall !! Great to see you taking part this week!! A fabulous set of photos for the theme. Good shot of the tree-stump to start with. I love all three of the wood-sculptures, but the cowboy one is my fave. He kinda looks how I imagine Woody from the Toy Story movies would look grown up. LOL. It's a sad sign of the times that they are all chained to stop them from being stolen.

    1. Yes but as a photographer, I try to look beyond those chains.

  2. Mysterious old stubb and wonderful workmanship of the woodmen

  3. Hi Randall, love that stump. Weathered texture and rich colors, with light in the background. Just grew. I also love the carvings as well, I think my favorite is the sea captain. Love the light and shadows.

  4. Wow, Randall, great carvings, Nice transition from the stump to the old weathered cowboy! I like the Gloucester fisherman in the background of the third. Simply wonderful, all of them!