Saturday, 6 December 2014

Picture This #280 ~ Fences, Gates And Walls

Lovely banner photo from Belita.

Let's see what we have

This is part of the wall of the Swiss Reform Church in Solothurn. Although a majestic church, the reformist liked to keep them plain and straight
Swiss Reform Church, Solothurn

This apartment building is opposite our main station in Solothurn. It was decided to brighten up the side wall with a painting.
Painting on Building Bahnhofplatz, Solothurn

This was above a door in our old town on the wall
Above house entrance Barf├╝ssergasse Solothurn

And here is a balcony fence in the old town with a couple of pigeons that decided to get into the photo
A September Walk through Solothurn


  1. Hi Pat, terrific shots. They are all great, I love the first for its lines and the last one is my favorite. I think the pigeons make the shot. I wonder if that is real gold leaf. A balcony to die for.

  2. Hi Pat! Thanks for your kind words on the banner photo ... very nice shots for this week's theme, specially the last one, my favourite...

  3. Hi Pat!! Great shots for the theme!! I do like the simple elegance of the design of the Reformist church. I lve that painting on the side of the building in the second shot!! Reminds me of some houses back in my home-town of Birmingham. There were four houses at the end of four short terraced streets that had African wildlife scenes painted on the end-walls. I always enjoyed seeing them. Wonderful crests in the third shot....I wonder what it signifies? A family coat-of-arms, perhaps? Lovely gold & black balcony rails in the last shot. Pigeons like to guest-star in many places!!

  4. Wonderful captures Pat all perfect for the theme. I really like them all I cant pick a favourite

  5. Cool shots, Pat! I like the varied hues of the wall and the straight, squared columns. Plain but elegant.

    The apartment building wall is my favorite. There must be quite a progression of history in that painting! I love it!

    Nice old banner and shields and the third.

    Pretty old balcony. It makes me think of Paris.

  6. Truly impressive wall

    Wonderful decoration and shield

    Beautiful ironwork