Saturday, 6 December 2014

Picture This #280 ~ Fences, Gates And Walls

Hi all, I hope you're doing well?

A wonderful shot from Belita for the header this week, congrats ;) A fantastic theme for the week Mitch.

So here are the shots I have chosen for the theme, I hope you enjoy them.

Have a great weekend.

The Hidden Country House

Church without a Congregation!!

A fence on the Dorset Hills



  1. Hi Baz !! Fabulous shots for this week's theme. Wonderful autumnal tones in your 'country house' shot. Shame they painted part of the gate blue, it kinda looks out of place. Great shot of the gate in front of the old church. The view across the Dorset Hills is lovely. Your house always looks so neat and well cared-for. A shame those lot across the road couldn't do the same with theirs!! LOL.

  2. Baz you have such a neat a tidy house and garden, just perfect. your other photos are just perfect.

  3. Wonderful pictures, Baz, such great colors. I especially like the "Church without a Congregation", such a wistful and beautiful shot. And your own garden gate, what a nice sight after a long day.

    1. Thank you Benni, yes the little church is cared for my the Orphaned Church Society.

  4. Hi Baz !Awesome shots for this week's theme, specially the first one, my favourite...

  5. Beautiful photos, Baz!

    Nice shot of the gate and the tree lined drive.

    The church is my favorite! Although, I love the light in the Dorset Hills and those beautiful green fields!

    Your home is so picturesque!

  6. Beautiful alley

    Classic wooden gate

    Beautiful path to take a summer day walk on (secure too by the look of the fence.) where the heart is.