Monday, 22 December 2014

Picture This #282 ~ Christmas

Better late than never. A bit of a Stress week but I survived. I am not such a Christmas person and my decorations are almost zero, except for a couple. This means that my photos have gathered some dust over the years, so let's have something different.

I was at the local supermarket for Sunday shopping which was an exception, and with reference to the day probably, they had two donkeys outside, so I took a photo. after all crib and all that jazz.
Donkeys at Migros Langendorf

This is a christmas tree wrapping machine. You put it in and it arrives nicely packed in a plastic net.
Christmas tree wrapping machine

And here is a little Christmas collection from home
Christmas 2012


  1. Three very interesting shots for Mitch's theme... My first time to see such a machine to wrap pine trees. The two donkeys look a bit shy or perhaps not feeling at ease outside their habitat... Love your Christmas collection...very pretty pastry box (bombonière)...I would bet it's Villeroy & Bosch branded... very sweet Santa's his costume....

  2. Hi Pat!! Great photos for this week's theme. Lovely donkeys, but they do look rather bored.......perhaps wishing they were in a field somewhere. The tree-wrapping machine is pretty unique!! Don't think I've ever seen one before. Beautiful Christmas still-life in the third shot, I love that Poinsettia plant. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  3. hi pat, good shots the machine is really interesting something new I had never heard of. I wish you a merry Xmas

  4. Hi Pat, nice shots. The donkeys look sweet and I would love to ride one. We have those tree-wrapping gizmos here too, they are a marvel. Your bottom shot is the epitome of the season, very nicely done.

  5. The humble mount, the packaging and the most beautiful christmas flower