Saturday, 13 December 2014

Picture This #281 ~ Letters And/Or Numbers

Many thanks to Belita for hosting this week's challenge. A very interesting theme, with many possible variations!!

Once again, I have tried to use shots I've not used in previous themes.

1) Local milepost sign.

2) The phonebook!!
Phonebook 1

3) Local fishing boat.

4) Very old gravestone, St David's Cathedral.
Very Old Gravestone


  1. Hi Mitch great shots as usual all interesting takes on the theme, I like them all the first and last are my favourites.

  2. Wonderful marker

    Always useful

    The little fishingboat that could.

    Wonderful capture

    1. I'm not so sure about the phonebook being useful any more. These days i can fin a number quicker online.

  3. Hi Mitch! It's always a pleasure to host PT. It's a challenging challenge. I like your four shots, all interesting for the theme. I would never think of making use of a telephone index for the purpose. Excellent idea!!! Clean shot of that milestone, unusual metal plate... fishing boats always have something specially attractive... The last shot is impressive to me and my favourite...

    1. Thanks Belita :-)) I'd actually taken a few shots of the phonebook a few months ago for another theme, but I didn't use them at the time. I was sure if I kept them I would eventually be able to use them.

  4. A very nice Welsh choice. Good idea with the telephone book, love the milestone - very quaint. Very good shot of the fishing boat and gravestones are so interesting.

  5. Wonderful shots, Mitch! The phone book is so creative and the names and fascinating. The tombstone is also very interesting. Sure is old.