Sunday, 14 December 2014

Picture This #281 Letters And/Or Numbers

Letters all about, till you need them for a post. LOL





  1. Hi Randall. Love the "Billy Burger" sign. Totally love neon. Wonderful shot of the Sandpoint marker. And how about that Pirate sign. Others will be keelhauled!! Great.

  2. Hi Randall! Three great shots for the theme, making it impossible to select a favourite out of the three The neon sign is colourful and of a cute design... That park must be a nice place to spend hours and hours discovering it.... I really like the Pirate sign.. .

  3. Hi Randall!! Great shots for Belita's theme. Cute Billy Burger sign. The marker for the Sandpoint park is interesting, I wonder why it has to have a red warning light on the top? The 'Pirate' sign made me smile, as I doubt if there's enough room there to park a galleon!!

    1. Ha ha I know what you mean Mitch. Thanks everyone. Fun theme Belita.