Saturday, 5 November 2016

Picture This #376 ~ Gates, Arches And Doorways

Hi all, congrats to Benni on this week's header and thanks to Mitch for another interesting theme. Here are my contributions to this week's theme. Have a great weekend!!

Admiralty Arch, London.

Durdle Dor. West Lulworth, Dorset, England.

Old door, New Orleans.

Gate, Moors Valley, Dorset, England.


  1. Hi all sorry Blogger is back to its old games laying things out how IT wants NOT how I want LOL gave up after 6 attempts to get it right!

  2. Hi Baz!! I've fixed the page now, looks ok. Great shots for this week's theme. Admiralty Arch is a very impressive structure, a great collection of arches in it. Wonderful shot of Durdle Dor. I hope to get to see it myself on one of my visits down there. Cool old door in New Orleans (nice play on words, by the way!!). Moors Valley is beautiful at any time of year.....this one I'd call 'Gateway to Autumn'.

  3. Impressive structure

    Majestic work of natural art

    Terrific shot of the old weathered door

    Wonderful shot of the gatewat to a lime/saffrongrassed paradise.

  4. I grew up almost with the Admiralty Arch, still a great piece of architecture. Love those rocky arches in the sea, so English seaside for me. Intesting old door and wonderful view over the english countryside.

  5. Great shots, especially the second. It's one of those "take your breath away" captures.