Saturday, 26 November 2016

Picture This #379 ~ Distance

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week. A very good theme, we should see lots of great photos!! Of course, many of my 'distance' shots were taken in the American south-west, but I did find an old favourite taken in Wales, too.

1) Devil's Bridge Falls in the distance, Wales. 
Sunlit Falls

2) On the road in Utah, with Zion National Park in the distance.
On The Road 1

3) Las Vegas strip and the Stratosphere Tower in the distance.
Vegas From Sam's Town 1

4) You can see far into the distance from almost any point in Bryce Canyon, Utah.
Bryce - Sunset Point 1


  1. Hi Mitch love your water fall and of course love that road shot
    and we both have run a round the Grand Canyon

  2. Lovely view of the falls, that devil certainly got around. Driving on a highway in the States, you do not see a lot of approaching traffic. And they have a Macdonalds in LasVegas, who needs a tower. Bryce Canyon is certainly spectacular with its view into the distance.

  3. Paradisiacal

    The road goes ever on and on

    Wonderful shot

    Majestic mountain vista

  4. Wonderful pictures, especially the waterfall framed by the trees and greenery. Your pictures of the southwest US always make want to go back there.

  5. hi Mitch! Beautiful shots for the theme... The top one is really beautiful and so is the last one...