Saturday, 12 November 2016

Picture This #377 ~ Black And White In Winter

Hi all, congrats to Mitch on this weeks header and thanks to Heidi for a great theme, Here are my contributions for the week.

Lake Itasca, Minnesota in Winter.Baz1


Lake Superior on a Winters Dawn.

Icy Leaves! 


  1. I am so close to giving up on Blogger again is sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi first yes I agree with you I only do thei on blogger my blog is stagnant

    I love your pictures the water and the ice and the wonderful leaves frozen

  3. All Very nice shots. Love the Black and white.

  4. Great shots, love the icycle.I have never had a single problem with Blogger, my only problem is that no-one visits and you get no feed back except from this site. I found my site in WordPress, have met many wonderful people (a couple in real life) and we have conversations - for me better than Multiply ever was. Blogger is just a silent place, reminds me of a grave.

  5. The clarity in that icicle is wonderful. The Great Lakes (and little lakes near them) are marvelous in winter and you have captured their beauty.

  6. Beautiful and serene winter lakescape

    Impressive icetap

    Beautiful shot of the beach and lake

    Exquisite capture of the frosted leaves

  7. Hi Baz !! I don't know why you have so many problems with Blogger, I rarely if ever have any. I've gone in and fixed the problems again. Great shots for the theme!! The first and thirds shots, of the lakes are both beautiful. Nice shot of the icicle. My favourite is the final shot, of the frosty leaves.

  8. Very beautiful set of shots, Baz! Like Mitch, my favourite is the bottom one...